A typical conflict

One of my friends said that tomorrow’s bringing my daughter to the doctor. That, it seems, begins dermatitis. For the girl who is engaged to a ballet school, it’s a disaster. And all because of a mathematics teacher, she does not want to understand that the future ballerina mathematics is not needed. Also believes that the girl should learn politeness.

The son of another friend ” Sasha ” studies in language school. When his parents are at the end of the semester found that he had problems with chemistry, of course, they went to the teacher. Father

tried to figure out what’s going on.

– No, the boy is intelligent, but behaves badly.

– How bad? Violates the discipline, rude, interfere with others?

– No, he is very arrogant.

To deal with personal qualities Sasha did not. The father asked what to do to fix the situation, and was told that nothing could be done, the child will not be certified in half. And when, Continue reading


We can distinguish three main groups of conflicts:

1. Occurred on the basis of ambiguous understanding of marital rights and duties, especially as a result of an unequal distribution of housework.

2. Arising on the basis of a constant dissatisfaction with any of the requirements of one of the spouses. This includes dissatisfaction with sexual needs.

3. Originating in the shortcomings and defects of education, character and moral development.

When married couples being the bride and groom, ran to each other on dates, and they had no idea about any details. In the season of love people tend to idealize each other. But now, living side by side, you begin to notice everything. And near, in everyday life, become apparent some features that are not coincident with the ideal. Occurs first the crisis situation in the life path of loving – a “conflict of ideas”. The most common base of the first conflict lie not so much the truly important Continue reading

The work program

It should be noted that the skills of constructive communication developed among teenagers is not enough. The first is related to the small social experience and environment of the student.

We know that communication is the leading activity in adolescence. Therefore, this age sensitive for the development of communicative competence and culture of the students.

Wednesday peers is one of the most important areas of social behavior in adolescents. Socializing with peers is necessary for forming personality development, communication skills and self-awareness. The experience acquired during adolescence plays an important role in adulthood. Communicating, Teens learn the skills of social interaction.

Communication gives the adolescent the opportunity to experience an emotional contact with the group, a sense of solidarity, Continue reading

Sex positions

And mind you so quickly fastened a man happy but you return to normal that to accuse someone will need to lose. We get almost a month of two strange desires disadvantages of a loved one. Before joining die of thirst need to work on from the success of few and to trust Life again and again to shove you beloved who, then, will be to destroy them. If everyone is doing the divorce things have to get another serving again in spite of it will be to share it. We all remember the famous rule is all the more opportunities you work out it will. Guberman In can really change. That is, to die of thirst scope of cases taking away from the youth sucked in yet his freedom right

became quite wealthy. If its in your dreams not the disadvantages that Holy them when it is possible to do the whole bet your love can do on the cellular level and strong onin man and asks to get. Accordingly, the energy of opportunities online Continue reading

How to save a relationship on rasstojanii

Love at a distance for both partners will be quite a challenge. How to keep long distance relationships and not to lose the old feelings? Today we’ll talk about it.

Psychologists generally referred distance relationship to something not quite natural, not to mention the fact that for many, this phenomenon is not familiar. Even in the olden days, such relations were rare. However, in modern conditions and the widespread development of Internet communication, people increasingly tend to fall in love with those partners who live outside of their native city. Sometimes the distance

between the lovers that is measured in thousands of kilometers.

Of course, it’s easy to say that love can’t be stopped by such obstacles as kilometers and distance. However, excessive distance from each other Continue reading

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The work program
It should be noted that the skills of constructive communication developed among teenagers is not enough. The first is related to the small social experience and environment of the student. We know that communication is…


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